Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Backpacks - Top Tips on How You Must Pack Them

It is essential that you learn how to pack your backpack correctly and there are many factors that are determined by knowing how to back it in the most efficient way. Follow these top tips and learn the proper way to get the most out of your backpack.

By packing your backpack in the correct manner you will determine exactly what you will carry with you on your trip. If you pack in correctly, you will be able to take everything that you had planned to take, but if packed wrong you will be frustrated and disheartened as you may end up leaving vital items behind. Every backpacker must appreciate how to pack their backpack properly so you will have everything you need. Be learning how to pack your backpack you will make it a far easier task.

Organizing Your Backpack Items Using Colored Bags

A simple yet highly effective solution that provides the management of your backpack essentials yet adds negligible weight to your overall backpack is to use colored bags. Often backpackers go for the internal type frame backpack as they are much easier to carry. However, with these backpacks they generally don't have multiple pockets so you can organize your items and keep them in a specific place - they just have one large compartment. Before long you can become unorganized and "lose" your things inside your backpack. The remedy is to use different small color coded bags as you can put a certain group of items in each color bag. When you next go to open your bag to retrieve a certain item it will be so much easier to locate.

Knowing what to pack where?

You must get into the habit of packing the things that will need to get to quickly at the top of your backpack or in the outside pockets of the bag. This may sound common sense but with a little thought you can put these useful things where they are most accessible and this will save vital minutes when you are trekking.

If your have sharp or awkward shaped items don't put them in your backpack in such a way that they will dig into your back. Make sure that one side of the bag is not heavier than the other - even the weight out.

Any fuel used for cooking must be double wrapped and placed well away from food or drink, preferably in a sealed bag.

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