Thursday, 12 November 2009

Top Ten Most Friendliest Countries in the World

1. The Netherlands

Although there is some pickpocketing over here, crime rates are really low. More than 7 million international tourists visit the city every year and the impression they get is generally great! The city is really safe. Plus the people are friendly, you will have no trouble getting around, and there are more than enough places to visit - day or night.

2. Switzerland

This is a multi-ethnic country. Pleasant for the residents, it will be as pleasant for tourists too. The people of Switzerland are honest, hard working but also very considerable for tourists. They will give you any information you need. Although many people go there just during the winter (skiing), I can assure you will have a blast any time of the year.

3. Fiji

Fiji is dependent on tourism. No wonder they will do their best to make you feel great. Not only there are tons of sights to be seen, but also you will meet friendly faces everywhere, always willing to help you to whatever you need. Also worth mentioning, crime rates are dropping each year.

4. Canada

Canada isn't that much tourism-dependent but still, the tourists will get it's best. Crime rate is really low. Almost no robberies or violent crimes. Have no fear, go and have a friendly vacation over there.

5. Germany

Weather you are visiting Munich for it's worldwide famous Octoberfest or the Berlin wall ruins, in Germany you will feel completely safe! Although the Germans might seem a bit "cold" at first sight, you will fall in love with the nation in a minute! As far as the crimes are considered, there are suicides and even homicides but mostly as a result of domestic violence. So have no fear! You will love Germany!

6. Scotland

There are crimes in Scotland, but mostly in the places not interesting to tourists. You can enjoy the countryside totally safe. Don't get me wrong - the chance of being robbed in Edinburgh isn't high as well! The Scots are one of the friendliest nationalities in the world. They will truly make you feel at home and tell you all about their country.

7. Ireland

Don't bother or be scared of IRA or stuff you might have heard on the TV. Although it hasn't been easy in the history, Ireland is one of the safest countries on the planet! More and more people choose to have their vacation there. The country really has sights to be seen. Go and have a great time in one of the numerous pubs, hanging out with the locals!

8. Australia

In my opinion, the only thing you should fear when visiting Australia are the poisonous snakes - there are quite a lot of them! But hey, I'm sure you won't be wondering the desert all by yourself! So have no fear of snakes either - I'm pretty sure the only snake you will see is one of those kept in the Zoos.

9. New Zealand

The number of inhabitants is twice higher than the number of tourists who visit New Zealand yearly - 4 million inhabitants, 2 million tourists. If I tell you that the New Zealanders do not lock their doors, do you think the country is safe enough for you? Paradise on Earth, New Zealand is really a place to be seen. With low crime rates and so much to offer, this one should be on your list.

10. Italy

Cosa nostra? Have no fear. Napoli can be dangerous for the tourists indeed, but there are tons of other places to visit. The number of more than 40 million tourists every year must tell you that Italy is really safe and friendly. Not to mention all those beautiful sights you've seen in the movies! So what would be the reason not to visit Italy?

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