Friday, 13 November 2009

City of Dreams

An extroadinary Journey into the Heart of one of South- East Asia's largest and least known Cities By Mark W. Medley.

The City of Jakarta is often descirbed as the "Big Durian," by visitors astonished by the shear size, and the diversity of its people. Inside the "City of Dreams," are a collection of true stories that may amaze, amuse or simply confuse you. Tales of a megacity on the move- the people who survive in this City, and those who choose to remain in an often very surreal World.

People whose everyday lives and dreams are often overlooked- who do make up the true heart of the city called Jakarta. Creating an extraordinary journey into a World, you never thought existed.

Publication Date : Sep 29 2009
ISBN/EAN13 : 1449531385 / 9781449531386
Page Count : 178
Binding Type :US Trade Paper
Trim Size : 8" x 10"
Language : English
Color : Black and White
Related Categories: Travel / General
List Price : $8.95

About the author:

Mark is an expatriate who has lived and worked in Indonesia for over a decade, mainly in the city of Jakarta. He has lived and worked within' the local community, and his experiences prompted him to write about the people, and the city itself as Jakarta rapidly transforms into another "western-style" city.

Documenting these changes, and the people who make up this unique, "City of Dreams," has been one of Mark's own dreams, since he has lived in Indonesia. Mark, previously wrote, "Surviving the Economic Crisis,"- a book based on the changes, and opportunities this current
crisis has created.

Mark works in the field of International Education- although he also has a background in publishing Travel, and Business articles. He still resides in Indonesia, and is writing a volume of poetry, which he also hopes to publish in the future.

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