Saturday, 14 November 2009

Top 5 Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

Indonesia offers everyone the best available choices of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here are my top five most beautiful beaches in Indonesia:

1. Balikpapan - is an Indonesian seaport located in the eastern coast of Borneo island. This is small city that is clean with its clear blue skies and a secluded city. Not of the city life is seen so one can always enjoy a peaceful and quiet visit in this lovely place. The can be reached via plane, or car rides and ferry rides. There are lots to be seen in the place including the beautiful and attractive beaches together with the other establishments found in the place. This is a very ideal place for people who wants a fun beach vacation but wants to have a serene and quiet time without the may noise.

2. Manado - the capital of one of Indonesia's provinces which is the North Sulawesi. This is a very beautiful beach bay that is a resident area for many locals. There are also other attraction sites here apart from the coast. There are lots of tarsiers found here that makes the place very well known. And everyone will enjoy seeing these animals once they visit Manado beach bay.

3. Makassars - the capital of South Sulawesi and is the largest city in the island. The beaches are here are pretty crowded during weekends that make this beach very well known. Visitors of the beach can enjoy picnics and a swim to the waters with their family and friends.

4. Jayapura - where the best beaches in Indonesia are found specially the amazing Amai beach that is a famous beach in Indonesia and a perfect getaway place for lots of beach and nature lovers.

5. Ambon Island - part of Indonesia's Maluku Islands that is mountainous and very attractive. During the months October and April are the best time to go for a beach trip in Ambon when the summer heat is on without the heavy rains and cloudy skies. This is a perfect place for families to spend their summer vacation trips.

Here are the top five most beautiful and must see beaches in Indonesia. There are other beautiful and attractive beaches in this wonderful country that will surely delight everyone who visits the. Explore them all when you visit Indonesia and have the best vacation of all.

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